I had the pleasure of being asked to DJ for PUMA to celebrate Metabolic London becoming the new home of PUMA Running.

Unlike my usual sets playing at events or in a club, I was DJing to a group of people giving it their all – Smashing one of Metabolic London’s circuit classes.

I absolutely loved Playing this set and with it being slightly ‘out of the ordinary’ I wanted to find tracks that would match the intensity of the class and really push people to train harder.

Here are a few tracks I chose :

Dum Dum – Kideko, Tiny Tempah, Becky G

Worldwide – G.Buck & Happy Colours (Codes Remix)

CoCo – O.T. Genesis (MAKJ Remix)

…and a cool down with Rockstar (feat. 21 Savage) – Post Malone

Quote of the day came from Trainer David Birtwistle – “I didn’t know if I was working out or if I was at a Rave”.




PUMA is on a mission to be the fastest sports brand in the world through product innovation and collaboration with a global staple of athletes and cultural connectors including Usain Bolt, Cara Delevigne and Rihanna.

Collaborating with Metabolic London is the most perfect match – It’s a brand new Functional Group Training Gym in North London with the incorporating latest classes – Some boasting the potential to have you burning off 1000 calories in one go.

Also – it’s quite aesthetically pleasing for us Monochrome loving Instagrammers!


Classes at Metabolic London include :


Metabolic Signature is designed to incorporate a combination of HIIT and strength exercises. These are the two most effective routes to body composition change (fat burn) – put them together and you have a tough but rewarding session that will get results fast.


Not for the faint-hearted. This is brutal and will test the best. Meta-Row is made up of row / total body circuit intervals with 4 rounds of hard work, but a guaranteed great feeling at the end.


Boxing Conditioning – Train like a fighter and feel the burn in this bespoke conditioning class featuring boxing drills, bag work and bodyweight conditioning. Learn correct punching technique and footwork while being pushed to the limit by   our former pro boxer Chris ‘The Bull’ Baugh. These sessions will build you abs of steel as well as a steely will.


Our lunchtime smasher designed for those who want a blitz during office hours. Quick HIIT is a 30 minute session which offers the true definition of High Intensity Interval Training.


Classic old school gymnasium circuits, working in teams of 3-4. Meta-Circuit is made up of 10 stations and 3 rounds, ending with a communal finisher. This class includes a big range of exercises so it keeps the body guessing. All are welcome.


A full body workout focusing on increasing power, speed, strength and agility, the class pairs cardio functional exercises with resistance-based functional exercises in a very specific way, which forces you to utilise more oxygen and energy whilst promoting lean tissue forming, resulting in fat burning berserkness!


Metabolic London are opening their doors between 3-4pm every Saturday for the next 10 weeks (from October 6th 2017) so that you can try their Signature class for FREE.

Each week they have 30 places to fill on a first come-first served basis.

If you want to get involved go check out the @metabolicldn Instagram page for class updates and sign-up by emailing puma@metaboliclondon.com – They’ll let you know by email if you’ve secured a spot.


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I hope you enjoyed reading this! Let me know if you go take a class, I’d love to know what you think!


Tom x                  


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