Babyliss for Men LFW Instagram Takeover

Spilling some of my grooming secrets and preparing for London Fashion Week with Babyliss for Men.

I’ve always enjoyed the buzz of fashion week (no pun intended) and everyone loves a good photo op while out and about at LFW, but I wanted to show what goes on behind he scenes before all the madness begins.

So this year I teamed up with Babyliss for Men taking over their Instagram feed for three days posting pics of my grooming prep process all the way from my flat, to my hotel then hanging out on day one of LFW.

You can check out my posts here :

The i-Stubble + has to be my top choice from the Babyliss for Men range. It has a digital clipper length controller which is something I’ve not used before. My previous trimmer had a few set lengths that you can choose from which didn’t give much choice in length – it was an all or nothing kind of thing. . .

The digital controller is the stand out feature of the i-Stubble +

I like to taper the stubble around my jaw line so it doesn’t have a dramatic / straight line end to it so by simply adjusting the setting by one or two millimetres I could make the subtle change to the length and create a really natural finish to my stubble.

Another top choice is the Babyliss for Men Super Groomer which comes with every attachment you can think of and the trimmer itself is small yet powerful making it a must have every time I’m on the road.

– Tom


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