October Essentials: 2017

Ok October. By far my favourite month but as the season changes, along come a new set of challenges.


Let’s take a look at what we’re up against and with that a run down of the products I’ve been using this month to make the Autumnal transition as comfortable as possible.


Nights are getting cold.. On goes the heating!

Central heating can bring a whole new set of issues to our skin so it’s important to take a look at your skin care routine and make some tweaks and adjustments where necessary.

I’ve been using some great products from California born skin care company ‘Skin Laundry’ who’s philosophy is all about simple routines that actually work.

The first time I used this three step routine I could see a real difference in my skin, almost as if I’d just had a facial.

Products used :

Nourishing Cleansing Oil

Clarifying Toner

Essential Daily Moisturiser

Find out more Here 


Summer is fading and with that so is that tan..

Having a nice glow to your face can really change how you feel.

Personally I love having a tan all year round but living in London (even in the summer) it’s not always a given that you’re going to get one.

Now that autumn is in full swing, before you go jumping on a sun bed (Please wear an SPF if you do!) give this secret weapon a try.

Now, don’t let the packaging put you off.. While you may not want to display this in your bathroom next to Molton Brown and Tom Ford but award winning ‘Hoola’ from Benefit is a must have.

Many Powder Bronzers out there tend to make you look orange and often contain ‘Shimmer’ or sometimes straight up Glitter to give you a glow.

I really don’t think these kind of products are suitable for guys, which is why this little box from Benefit has always been my Go To – Faux Glow.

Applied with a brush it gives a light, toned down healthy glow to your face – Or anywhere you apply it for that matter.

Never leaving you looking orange or like you’re wearing make up.

Hoola is available in its original shade and also a ‘Lite’ version

Shop ‘HOOLA’ Here


YoYo Weather

It looks cold outside, it is cold outside, but 30 minutes after you leave the house you’ve got the Autumn Sweats!

October can be an annoying time when deciding what to wear.

A Jacket or Coat will seem like a good idea, but once you realise you’ve slightly overshot your OOTD you have two choices, stand strong and accept that underneath that mac you are basically swimming or take it off and carry it around for the rest of the day.

I’m not a fan of either.

I found this light weight, down filled Hooded Jacket from Next which fits compactly fits into a tiny bag (included) perfect for when the autumnal sweats kick in.

It’s Shower Resistant too!

Shop Here : http://www3.next.co.uk/xb3208s2


The Clocks go back!

Here comes the energy slump..

Mornings become difficult and the thought of leaving your bed to jump in the shower becomes less and less appealing.

I’ve recently discovered a great new Energising Shower Gel from Lynx – ‘You Energised’ has a bright and modern masculine scent which really adds an extra kick to your morning scrub!

Claiming to give you a shower with energy that lasts longer than your phone – if we were going my my last iPhone which would die in under two hours (R.I.P iPhone 6) that wouldn’t be hard to do but I’ve definitely been feeling the morning energy since adding this to my routine.

‘You Energised’ is available from all good supermarkets and drugstores.


Tom x








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