The Festive Season is in full swing!

Which can only mean one thing – PARTY!!!

Exclamation points aside, we all know there are plenty of events, work do’s and get togethers to dress up for, or in some cases dress down.

It’s a tricky one, isn’t it?

Do we go full on suit to a work do? Is a blazer too much at a Christmas dinner party? Are Jeans ok?

This year I’ve teamed up with Debenhams and picked out some fantastic pieces to help guide you through this tricky time of year and have you ready for whatever event you may have on.

To make things easy for you I’ve added links within each look where you can shop the items mentioned.

Look 1 : Dress To Impress | Events & Dinners Parties |

We’re going full on formal for this, wearing this subtly festive Red Herring ‘Merlot’ Velvet Jacket.

I’ve tried wearing bright, statement blazers in the past which are a dime a dozen around this time of year but I’ve never felt quite comfortable in them – I’m not knocking them, if you can, you can but for me, I can’t.

This jacket is perfect for those who want to make a statement while keeping it classy.

Shop my Jacket Here

I’ve paired it up with a white shirt, cropped black trousers, a burgundy tie and a pair of Jasper Conran Black Leather Brogues (Below)

Click here to Shop my Brogues 

Perhaps your event is formal, but not formal enough for a tie?

Try this same look but ditch the Tie to nail that Smart / Casual style.

Look 2 : Holiday Minimal | Festive Drinks |

You’ve got plans to meet up with your pals for drinks, it’s probably going to get a little bit messy so lets keep things simple.

Forget over dressing tonight, you don’t want to be OTT but let’s not be boring and neglect the festive season either.

I’ve gone for a simple white Jasper Conran T-Shirt with a luxurious Patrick Grant ‘Wine Red’ Geometric print scarf draped around my neck.

Shop my Scarf Here

It’s cool, simple and classy.

Buy this Tee

Please Note : It is December so let’s not leave the house wearing just this…

Look 3 : Day to Night | Office Christmas Party |

There’s no rest for the wicked and along with Christmas comes a mountain of work that needs to be done before you can get to your next event.

Try wearing this Striped Print, Tailored Fit Shirt from The Collection at Debenhams with a pair of Black Jeans during the day then as the night rolls around, transform your look by adding the Red Herring slim fit Jacket from the formal outfit above.

Shop this Tailored fit Shirt Here

I hope this helps you pick out some great outfits for your events this year and as always I hope you have an amazing time celebrating the festive season.

– Tom


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