Boosting my confidence with Harley Academy Clinics

What’s up guys!

Here’s something I’ve never really saw myself talking about publicly, but here goes…

First off I would like to say that this is a personal choice I have made and I’m in no way saying this is something you need to do to increase your confidence. It’s simply something I have done and it’s made me feel great.

A couple of weeks back I visited Harley Academy Clinics – A clinic in London where trainees on a postgraduate clinical placement perfect their Botox & Dermal Filler skills.

Why did I visit them?

When I was a child I fractured my jaw after riding my bike downhill and crashing in to a street name sign which left me with slight tilt in my jawline and a recessed look to it.

I wanted to find out if there was anything I could do about it – I mean I had considered an implant many times, but that’s such a dramatic and permanent procedure.

That’s when I found out about Facial Fillers.

‘Chin Filler will help for a recessive chin and is a lot more customizable and safer than a chin implant.’

I’ve always dismissed the idea of fillers because I assumed if I ever had them I would end up looking like a cat or that man who keeps trying to look like an 18 year old Justin Bieber 🙁

After chatting to the guys at Harley Academy Clinics I was assured that neither of those looks would be my result and that the appearance of my chin could be improved.

They assessed my face to be sure this procedure would work well with the rest of my features, whipped out their needles and before I knew it the procedure was over in less than 15 minutes.

I thought it would be painful, but quite literally felt nothing – That said, I do have a pretty high tolerance for pain, so not all experiences are going to be the same.

Take a look at this before and after from the clinic.

As you can see there’s only a slight change, but for me it’s massive – That nagging little insecurity which plagued me is gone.

This treatment lasts about 12 months before it will need to be re-done. Or if I were to decide not to have it done again the filler will simply dissolve by itself.

‘Our Harley Academy Clinic trainees are all healthcare professionals who have already been trained in cosmetic procedures by eminent aesthetic doctors. Throughout every step of the procedure, our trainees are closely monitored at every stage by leading cosmetic doctors.’

One thing i was concerned about before coming to the clinic is that it would be a trainee performing the procedure on me. I was reassured by the fact that there is a fully qualified doctor maintaining a professional approach while instructing each trainee step by step.

In my opinion they are just as capable as someone who has qualified and has gone off to start working on patients solo.

Perhaps I was in even better hands at this clinic – Who knows what someone might forget once they’ve left their training environment.

‘As a patient at Harley Academy Clinics you receive heavily discounted cosmetic treatments in return for helping our elite graduates become the best in the industry.’

If you’re considering getting any fillers or botox I would recommend having a look at the clinic. The prices are significantly lower than if you were to visit a clinic on Harley Street.

You can read more about Chin Fillers here :

& more about the clinic here :

If you have any questions about fillers or the clinic feel free to leave a comment, email me or DM me on Instagram

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