Down with the Flu? Try these!


2018 is going to go down as the year of the Flu in my books.

I’ve literally been on and off sick since mid January with only a couple of days here and there where I’ve felt normal.

Last week I decided I’d had enough.

My shopping lists have consisted of endless ‘Healthy’ foods but there are a few things that really stood out for me and made me feel majorly better.

If you’ve caught it too and feeling like you’re at deaths door here’s a run down of things really made a difference to my health this week – You can get it all at your local supermarket (or order it online if you don’t have the energy to leave the house).


Carrot Juice

I’m sure you’re well aware that Vitamin C is key to getting your immune system back to strength and usually Orange Juice is the go to, but I really can’t stand the stuff.. Orange Juice is widely considered as ‘Healthy’ but I can’t get past the sugar content, not to mention the insulin spike and heart burn it can bring on.

I opted for Carrot Juice, which may not taste as sweet but one 250 ml glass contains 100% of your RDA of Vitamin A, D and D.

It also has a large amount of Complex Vitamin B which is increases your metabolism and helps build muscle – Not that that’s what you need to be focusing on right now, but at least you know for the future!

Try ‘Benefit Drinks’ Carrot Juice from Waitrose – Click Here


Cold Pressed Turmeric

I’ve walked past these a million times and thought to myself ‘I’m not paying £2 for a tiny bottle like that’ but desperate times call for desperate measures – and this time it payed off!

This little bad boy packs a punch!

Turmeric is considered a natural antibiotic and is said to contain potent antiviral, anti-fungal, anti-cancer and anti-bacterial properties.

For me it felt like a mini shock (good shock) to my savagely weakened state and made me feel instantly revitalised.

Yes, its pretty sour but it goes down in one shot and its over before you know it.

Check Out the MOJU Turmeric Booster Here


Hot Shower Featuring : Eucalyptus

This might be the last thing you want to do when you’re sick, but if you want to start feeling better or you are so bunged up you just can’t take it anymore, haul yourself out of bed and get under a warm shower.

I was feeling so, so sick, with no energy, full on blocked nose and a cough that I’m sure my neighbours were getting sick of hearing.

I finally mustered the courage to get in the shower I was so happy.

The mix of eucalyptus and hot steam quickly cleared my airways so I could breathe again – Even if it was temporary, it provided some much needed relief and with all the body aches that came included with this nasty flu simply being under the water made my entire body feel so much better.

I used Dr Salts Dead Sea Shower Gel with Eucalyptus – Check it Out


The real Superhero of 2018 : Echinacea

I honestly thought Echinacea was a pointless product that only the girl from the dance floor scene in the movie ‘Celebrity’ would take, but after taking this for a week I suggest you do so too.

It’s a Traditional Herbal Medicinal product used to treat cold and flu type infections, but many people think it should only be used at the first sign of a cold.

I began taking it well into my flu symptoms and I think its been the most important component in fighting it off.

It comes in both liquid and tablet form : A warning however, the liquid contains a high level of ethanol and since I personally don’t consume products containing any form of alcohol, so I opted for the tablets which have worked well.

You can get Echinacea from Holland & Barrett online Here

Charcoal Refuel

Now the worst of the Cold / Flu has been beaten off it’s time to get back into the swing of things.

This Cold Pressed Performance Drink from Botanic Lab has helped pick me back up a couple of times this year.

It’s an Alternative Natural Isotonic drink thats going to make you feel a lot better then you might after a having something Lucozade – I’m not knocking Lucozade, I love the stuff, but right my focus is getting back to optimal health with natural products packed with vitamins.

I struggle to stay on any kind of diet while I’m sick and end up eating all sorts at irregular times and the Charcoal in this drink has a calming effect on my stomach, making it feel settled and flat soon after.

You can buy Botanic Lab Drinks at Waitrose or check out their site Here 



I hope you feel better ASAP and if you try any of these and they help I’d love to hear your thought in the comments below and over on my Instagram


PS: This is not a prescription to health – Simply a list of things that I wanted to share with you because they personally helped me feel SO much better.




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